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Our Ice Cream

What makes Butlers Ice Cream so unique to most of the rest of the artisan ice creams in Ireland is simply we use the best machinery have the best training use the finest local ingredients and even though we have the freedom to experiment we stick to tradition and make the most delicious ice cream you have ever tasted. No matter what you have tasted while on holidays we can make that too.

Our Ice Cream is made using our Carpigiani Pastomaster that pasteurises the mix up to 85℃ and at different stages we add our sugar, skimmed milk powder and cream. Carpigiani of Italy is a leading manufacturer throughout the world of ice cream machines for gelato, dessert, traditional ice cream, soft ice cream. Carpigiani has been operating for over 50 years to make the world sweeter, and Butlers have been operating 43 years.